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OS and MVSC urge the QC to be "pain free"
Carpenter(Davenport, IA – June 15, 2009) – Orthopaedic Specialists PC and the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center jointly launched a newspaper campaign that shares stories of local citizens who found relief from orthopedic pain through procedures performed by the board-certified surgeons of OS.  The campaign runs for nearly six months and will feature real stories and real people.”We thought it was important for people to realize there is relief out there,” said Mike Bawden, B&LPR.  “And there are so many great stories about people who have dealt with their pain, we wanted to share them.”

Many of the stories featured in the campaign can be found on the web site:

The campaign was developed jointly by B&LPR and the firm’s creative partner, Punch Creative Group of Madison, WI.  “As I was making calls to these people, I was amazed by the stories and how dramatic their situations were,” said B&LPR partner Liz Lareau.

A complete collection of the print ads in this campaign can be found by visiting the B&LPR Online Portfolio.

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