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B&LPR headed back to the Big Easy with ARA

IMG_7547Bawden & Lareau Public Relations will once again work with the American Rental Association at The Rental Show, when it opens its doors in New Orleans, LA in February, 2015. B&LPR provides advance and on-site management of the show’s media and press facilities for exhibitors and trade press.

“We’re excited to continue our work with the American Rental Association and so many great exhibitors,” said Mike Bawden, partner. “The Rental Show is one of the premier industry trade shows in the country and we’re honored to have the responsibility for keeping the trade media up-to-date and involved with the hundreds of exhibitors who participate every year.”

Press Relations Online As Well As In-Person
ARA Presroom Screen GrabB&LPR developed and manages the online newsroom for The Rental Show as well.  Exhibitors are able to upload news releases and announcements along with photos, videos, documents and other files they think the press may be interested in receiving. A unique page is created for that announcement (and attached assets) and then sent via RSS feed to all of the media correspondents covering that particular sector of the rental industry.

“The online press room has continued to grow and develop over the years,” said Bawden. “We’ve given it a facelift this year and made it much easier to navigate by putting more stories on the homepage.”

“We’ve also strengthened the social media capabilities of the site based on our review of other online newsrooms for other trade shows.”

Exhibitors seem to be responding to the re-designed site and publicity-related services offered as part of their exhibition package at The Rental Show. Press room utilization is up more than 50% over last year.

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