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About B&LPR

Living the Brand and Winning Hearts
B&LPR’s fundamental philosophy and approach sets us apart from traditional advertising agencies and PR firms: In building your brand and managing your organization’s reputation, we view the most important stakeholders critical to a client’s success as the hearts we must win, not the target we must shoot.

Inside, you’ll learn more about who we are and the work we do, our unique PR programs, campaigns and clients who have benefited from our strategic approach.

Learn more about us, and how our unique account structure ensures you have a tailored account team assembled from around the block or the world to tackle your public relations and marketing communications challenges.

People are not targets, but your brand’s best friend
B&LPR creatively articulates what sets clients apart, identifies emotional connections to create ownership, and then implements programs or initiatives that engage your most important audiences: consumers, employees, shareholders, media, communities, potential partners and industry advocates or adversaries.

Our integrated process
Because of the diversity of our firm’s partners and portfolios, we are a unique blend of professionals with national experience — from corporate public relations, broadcasting, advertising, and creative backgrounds. No longer can clients afford to view marketing disciplines as separate: all brand communications must include creative, marketing, and PR strategies to ensure key audiences understand and act on consistent messages and corporate values.

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Network Affiliations

B&LPR is pleased to provide access to talented marketing professionals throughout the US and around the world via our affiliation with these two networks:

Brand Central Station

the ECCO International Public Relations Network.

Client Press Centers
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