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A Broad Overview of Our Services

“It’s not who you know … it’s what you know they know.”
That expression amusingly defines the role of a brand-crafting agency like B&LPR.  We’re a small boutique with big ideas.  And to bring those ideas to life, we rely on consultants to help with the ideation, planning, implementation and follow-up.

It’s the way the world works today – at least an open source world that thrives on innovation and value.

We find that most PR firms focus on media relations and some will broaden their perspective to include other key stakeholders (e.g. shareholders, employees, existing customers, etc.). Our approach to brand message development works to create a strategic set of messages that deliver a consistent set of values and positions to everyone. More specifically, we work our clients to make sure the successful deployment of those messages result in some kind of measurable result. In order to do this, we are constantly thinking in terms of “engagement” – going far beyond the way that word has been turned into a mindless piece of jargon by other professional marketers and communicators.

In order to deliver on this very broad promise, we have to be able to bring experts from a variety of services to the table – services that often go above and beyond what you would expect from a PR firm. Whether it’s process engineers with experience in crafting effective internal training and communications programs or programmers capable of creating custom applications that help manage and improve customer relationships, we help our clients prepare and manage the communications objectives and programs that are involved.

In the past, this means we’ve added consultants to our team from a wide variety of backgrounds including (but not limited to) the following: Neuro-linguistic programming, customer service training, custom application development, test kitchens and flavor panels, flower arranging, organic farming, process engineering, industrial design, political research, steamboat history, inter-tribal relations (in Africa), media relations with home shopping networks, motion picture film making and production, diplomacy, international currency trading, port security and more.

All of the consultants we add to our team join us with a common understanding of how they are to perform, the way they are to interact with the client, how they are to charge for their time and how they compliment the process. This flexibility has allowed us to remain focused on the branding, marketing and communications issues that lie at the heart of our clients’ problems and to meet our clients’ needs in ways they often do not expect.

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